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Which is the best way to heat my home?
Home heating fuel consumers tend to report high levels of satisfaction with all aspects of heating fuel that were measured including: Safe, Clean, Accessible, Fast service, Local, Efficient, Convenient, Dependable, and Reliable.

Prices of energy vary from market to market and at different times of the year. The Consumer Energy Council conducted a study to determine the best ways for consumers to save energy in their home and they found that changing fuel sources was not effective. If you want more information on this, and how best to save dollars, you can visit the Consumer Energy Council website.

Is oil heat clean?
Cleanliness is an important oil heat improvement. Todayís oil heat is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970. When properly adjusted and maintained, new oil heat systems create absolutely no soot, dirt, or odors in the home. Itís the intelligent warmth.

Has oil heat improved, and what is its impact on the environment?
Over the last three decades, oil heat equipment has improved its environmental performance. Before the development of the modern oil burners, the emissions of particulate matter from an oil heat system were 10 pounds per 1000 gallons burned, or .1 percent. Todayís oil heat has significantly lowered its emissions. Now, only 7 ounces is released for every thousand gallons burned, or .006 percent.

How can I take advantage of oil heat, or get it in my home?
Oil heat can be installed into any home and be easily combined with air-conditioning. If you donít currently have oil heat, using oil heat should not be a problem. It will require the installation of a tank, which may be installed inside, outside or outside underground. The furnace or boiler may be installed either inside or outside depending on the space in your home, and what works best for you. The most important step is to find a local oil heat dealer who can work with you to ensure that the oil heating system you install will meet the needs of you and your family.

What is the average consumption of a household?
The oil heat industry has made great progress with energy conservation. In 1978 the average American home burned 1,297 gallons per year. In 2005, the average North Carolina home used 400 gallons of home heating oil. This is a 69% decrease per NC household! A new system offers exceptional efficiency Ė you could save up to 25% or more in heating and hot water costs.

How reliable are new oil heat systems?
New oil heat system components are amazingly reliable. They are so reliable most manufacturers offer 3 to 5 year warranties, and if something ever fails it is easy to get replacement parts thanks to oil heatís standardized interchangeable parts.

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