Equipment Options - Choosing a New System


Deciding on the right equipment is essential for perfect home comfort. So when it's time for a new system, your energy professional will want to review your home, needs, and budget to determine what equipment is best for you. Here are some situations that might warrant considering a new system or upgrade:

Size of your home and family. Obviously, it is necessary to know the size of the property to figure out how much heat is needed. Certain home sizes or styles have an ideal heating system match. And, your provider needs to know how many people will be depending on this system.

Pattern of hot water usage in the home (showers, cooking, laundry, etc.). This is especially important when a new water heater is being considered. The number of people in the house, and their hot water usage, must be analyzed. When are showers taken, and for how long? What time of day is most of the laundry and cooking done? This information will make it easier for your home comfort specialist to find equipment that satisfies your particular family's schedules.

Within your home there is an "addition" that will change your normal energy pattern. Even with each season's unpredictable weather, your family does develop a home heating pattern. However, a major change in your home can affect this pattern. If you are planning a new addition or major renovation, tell your service provider.

You have allergies. No one likes constant sneezing or sniffling as a direct effect of seasonal allergies. Allergies and other respiratory problems may be exacerbated by dry indoor air. Dry air can reduce your heating system’s efficiency and effectiveness: as moisture from indoor air evaporates, the temperature falls, causing you to turn up the heat and, therefore, use extra energy. Installing a humidifier can improve your home’s air quality and help you conserve energy.

There is not enough hot water, and there is uneven heating in your home. Everyone wants plenty of hot water and even heating throughout the home for all-around comfort. As much as half of the energy you use goes to cool and heat your home, so why burn money – literally – when you can choose a clean, quiet, dependable, new heating system. If there are heating problems, please make sure that your home comfort provider knows about them so that they can be solved.

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