Benefits of OilHeat - Price Options


Many local oil heat dealers offer a wide range of service solutions that add more value to every drop of fuel oil delivered. Please note that not all dealers offer all services listed; please contact your local home comfort provider for specific services and eligibility requirements.

Budget Programs
Most oil heat customers use 80% of their yearly fuel in only 2-3 months time, forcing them to pay heavy heating bills in the winter. Budget Programs allow homeowners to spread out their oil heat bills into equal monthly payments throughout the year.

Retail Pricing
Many customers purchase their fuel at daily market rates. Prices can move up or down during the heating season; retail price customers are not locked into a set price as they are with a Price Protection Program.

Price Protection Programs
Fixed: A fixed price locks you into a set price throughout the heating season, allowing for a consistent, stable price with no surprises.

Cap: A cap price creates a maximum price per gallon that homeowners will pay, regardless of how high heating oil prices might rise.


Pre-Pay: By pre-paying, customers purchase all of their heating oil in advance of the start of the heating season, usually at very competitive rates.

Service Agreements
Also known as service or maintenance contracts, these provide varying levels of coverage on your oil heat system, helping to ensure optimal heating system performance while protecting you from out-of-pocket repair costs.

Again, specific services vary from dealer to dealer. Your local oil heat dealer will be happy to help you choose the services that best meet your needs and budget.


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